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Person Sheet of Database Two
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The Pitfield family in Canada and USA

Name Benjamin PITFIELD
Death 1793
1 Grace LUCAS
Birth abt 1751, Fallsington, Bucks Co. PA, USA
Death 1801
Marriage 1770, Burlington, New Jersey, America
Children: Robert Lucas (1776-1854)
Anne Elizabeth

Benjamin Pitfield of New Jersey and Philadelphia

According to family tradition an Uncle, who was in possession of a tract of land at Timber Creek, New Jersey, invited Benjamin Pitfield to visit from England and that when Benjamin arrived he settled there and stayed. This information comes from a book entitled "Historical Genealogy Relating to a branch of the Brown Family, including brief history of other families" This volume was written and published in 1885 by George Williams Brown 1811-1886 who was married to Ann Eliza Pitfield 1809- one of the granddaugthers of Benjamin. Even at just two generations remove there was very little information concerning Benjamin and his origins. I have reason to believe that the reference quoted above is not accurate and that it was Benjamin who was the Uncle who invited his Nephew John Pitfield 1762- to visit him. There are two references (the last in the 1930's) of letters written by a John Pitfield from Bridport, Dorset in 1789 and from London in 1790 to his "Uncle Benjamin". I believe that these letters were written by John Pitfield 1762- , who did have an uncle Benjamin Pifield 1741- born at Colyton, Devon. References to these letters ( present whereabots unknown) is the best proof I have that the two Benjamins are the same person.

Even though I believe that Benjamin Pitfield 1741-? and Benjamin Pitfield ?-1793 are the same person I have decided to show them as seperate people on seperate databases until such time as more certain proof emerges.

The earliest reference to Benjamin in America is in the Quaker Records of Burlington, New Jersey in 1760 which refers to Grace Pitfield (formerly Lucas) who "married out of unity" implying that Grace was a Quaker but Benjamin wasn't. Quite a few references to Benjamin are found after this date showing that he owned land in Gloucester County and later moved to Philadelphia City, Pennsylvannia where he owned a grocers shop.

Benjamin Pitfield could have been the brother of George Pitfield of St John New Brunswick, Canada, who also appears on this database, but no definate proof has been established.

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