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Person Sheet of Database One
of the Pitfield Family Genealogical Website

The known Pitfield descendants of Robert Pitfold, who died at
Allington, Dorset, in 1586 (the Dorset family)

Name Robert PITFOLD
Death 1586
Burial 1586, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, England
Father John PYTFOLDE
Children: Richard (-1597)
George (-1618)
Robert (-1605)
Andrew (-1586)
Thomas (-1602)
John The Elder (-1629)
John The Younger (~1569-)
Sebastian (~1570-1613)
Notes for Robert PITFOLD
Quite a lot of information has been gained concerning ROBERT PITFOLD ( -1586) of Allington, and of his family, mainly through the detailed will he made in 1583. In 1545 Robert appears in the tax returns for the parish of Stoke Abbott. In 1552 he had a grant from the Borough of Bridport for a piece of land in Allington, whilst in the same year he is listed as one of the church wardens at Allington. In his will Robert names his wife Joan, his sister Joan Bilke, and lists his sons in order of seniority. Although he names John the Elder as his sixth son, and Henry as his eighth son, he makes no mention of a seventh son, so presumably this son had already died by 1583. Robert was an extensive land owner and his will names land in the parishes of Allington, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Long Bredy, Marshwood, Symondsbury, Walditch, Shipton Gorge and Powerstock. He also gives details of those he bought the lands from, the names of tenants who occupied them, and how they were to be divided amongst his children. Robert died in 1586 and was buried at Whitchurch Canonicorum.
In 1589 an Inquisition Post Mortem was held to enquire where Robert's lands were held. This gave much the same information as was contained in Robert's will.
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