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Person Sheet of Database One
of the Pitfield Family Genealogical Website

The known Pitfield descendants of Robert Pitfold, who died at
Allington, Dorset, in 1586 (the Dorset family)

Name Richard PITFOLD
Death 1597
Burial 1597, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, England
Father Robert PITFOLD (-1586)
Mother Joan UNKNOWN
1 Susan CLEGG
Children: Ursula (>1590-)
Notes for Richard PITFOLD
Named as the eldest son of Robert Pitfold of Allington in Robert's will. Richard left a will in 1597 in which he named his wife Joan and his daughter Ursula. Richard was left Gomelshay Farm in the parish of Whitchurch Canonicourm by his father. In the Inquisition Post Mortem of his father Robert made in 1589 mention was made of an indenture dated 1581 in which Robert gave lands to his son Richard and his wife Susan Clegg. This seems to indicate that Richard was married first to Susan Clegg and later to Joan.
Notes for Susan (Spouse 1)
Named as the wife of Richard Pitfold an indenture of 1581 as mentioned in the Inquistion Post Mortem of Robert Pitfold held in 1589. See notes for Richard.
Notes for Joan (Spouse 2)
Named as the wife of Richard Pitfold of Gomelshay Farm in Richards will. She re-married to William Sprake of Whitchurch Canonicourm in 1597. William names Ursula Pitfold in his will in 1602.
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