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Person Sheet of Database One
of the Pitfield Family Genealogical Website

The known Pitfield descendants of Robert Pitfold, who died at
Allington, Dorset, in 1586 (the Dorset family)

Name Benjamin PITFIELD
Birth 1741
Christen 1741, Colyton, Devon, England
Father John PITFIELD (-<1747)
Mother Hannah HALLET
  No Known Spouse

Benjamin PITFIELD 1741-

Son of John and Hannah. No further references to this Benjamin have been found in England after his christening.

A Benjamin Pitfield - 1793 appears at Timber Creek, New Jersey, America from around 1760. Some evidence points to this American Benjamin being the same one as shown here. See the notes on the Person Sheet for Benjamin Pitfield - 1793 for further details.

Even though I believe that Benjamin Pitfield 1741-? and Benjamin Pitfield ?-1793 are the same person I have decided to show them as separate people on separate databases until such time as more certain proof emerges.

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