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Person Sheet of Database One
of the Pitfield Family Genealogical Website

The known Pitfield descendants of Robert Pitfold, who died at
Allington, Dorset, in 1586 (the Dorset family)

Birth 1762
Christen 7 Nov 1762, Sancreed, Cornwall, England
Father John PITFIELD (1727-1780)
Mother Anne ROSEVEAR (~1739-1813)
1 Christian McKINZIE
Children: Ann Rosever (1793-1870)
Elizabeth (1796-)
Jean (1790-)
John (1798-)
Notes for John PITFIELD

This John was born at Sancreed, Cornwall in 1762, and then nothing is known of him until he appears in Glasgow around 1793 with a wife, and they have 5 children christened there.

I believe that this is the same John Pitfield who wrote letters to his Uncle Benjamin in America (see Benjamin Pitfield ? - 1793) from Briport, Dorset in 1789 and again from London in 1790.

This John is the nephew of the Benjamin Pitfield christened in Colyton in 1741 - the references to these letters (last referred to in the 1930's - present whereabots unknown) is the best proof I have that the two Benjamins are the same person.

Even though I believe that Benjamin Pitfield 1741-? and Benjamin Pitfield ?-1793 are the same person I have decided to show them as seperate people on seperate databases until such time as more certain proof emerges.

I think it possible that John visited Benjamin in America, where he met his wife Christian McKinzie, and the couple returned to Glasgow in 1792 or 1793. (This last is supposition with no proof).

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