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The known Pitfield descendants of Robert Pitfold, who died at Allington, Dorset, in 1586 (the Dorset family)

The main thrust of my research has been to trace all of the known Pitfield descendants of Robert Pitfold (      -1586), who is my own earliest proven ancestor.  The vast majority of  the Pitfields that I have come across, I have been able to trace back to one of the sons of Robert.  Therefore this database is the largest of the five shown and is the most complete, with each person listed related to the others (however distantly!).  The Database starts with John Pytfolde of Allington who is thought to be the father of Robert Pitfold of Allington (     -1586).  This Database has its own Index in which you can make a search for members of the Pitfield family. 

It should be pointed out that if you are looking for a particular member of the Pitfield family they may not appear in the Database that you expect. For instance, there are members of the Pitfield family who appear in Australia, New Zealand and America who I can show are descended from either Robert Pitfold of Allington or have their origins in Lancashire. Therefore they are shown in either the Dorset or Lancashire Databases, rather than the Australian or North American Databases. To find the Pitfield that you are interested in, you may have to visit more than one Database, each of which has its own index.

As with all of the Databases, I am not showing a person sheet for anyone who was born after the year 1911.  This is to protect the privacy of any person who is living. If you are a member of the Pitfield family accessing this site (and therefore almost certainly born after 1911!!!), then your details will not be shown, but it is likely that your ancestors are, and it is possible that I am in possession of information relating to you and your family, that is not shown on this site. If you would like to make contact with me I would be happy to share information with you.

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