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The Pitfield family in Canada and USA

(this database only shows two of the North American Pitfield families - further details below)

Several different Pitfield families appear in various parts of North America between 1760 and 1900. The origins of some of these are known, but other families cannot be traced back to England with any certainty. To get a better understanding of where these families fit in it is useful to summarize the origins of the family in England.

The Pitfields in England.
My research has shown that there are two distinct Pitfield families in England. The first family originated in the southern county of Dorset, where the name evolved from the name Pitfold which was present in the county from at least 1525. Details of this family are shown in Database One.
The second family originated in the northern county of Lancashire. In this county the name evolved from Patefield and Peatfield with the spelling of the name changing constantly between Patefield, Peatfield and Pitfield in the same families. Some members of this family took the name Pitfield whilst others kept the name Patefield. Both names still exist in the locality today. Details of this family are shown in Database Three.

My main interest in North America has to trace the origins of Benjamin Pitfield ( ? -1793) of New Jersey and Philadelphia, USA and George Pitfield (c1749-1827), of Nova Scotia, Canada, and to follow their families in America and Canada. This database shows only these two families. Were they, as family tradition would have it, brothers, and did they come from the Dorset family or the Lancashire family? There is some evidence from my researches that Benjamin Pitfield ( -1793) was from the Dorset family and in fact that he could be the same Benjamin Pitfield (1741- ) who was christened at Colyton Devon - see my notes on both of these Benjamins for more information.

Even though I believe that Benjamin Pitfield 1741-? and Benjamin Pitfield ?-1793 are the same person I have decided to show them as separate people on separate databases until such time as more certain proof emerges.

If, as I believe, Benjamin Pitfield -1793 of New Jersey was born at Colyton, Devon in 1741 could George Pitfield (c1749-1827) of Canada be his brother? As yet I can find no evidence of this - there is no christening for a George Pitfield in Devon around 1749 - but I still think it a strong possibility.

Database Two - The Pitfields in Canada and USA only shows the families of Benjamin ( ? -1793) and George Pitfield (c1749-1827) as the other North Americans are shown elsewhere.

Other family groups in North America, who are shown on other databases, can be summarized as follows:

James Darwin Pitfield (1808-c1860). Born in Chorley, Lancashire, son of John Pitfield (1784-1855) and Elizabeth Darwin and grandson of Charles Pitfield of Cantsfield (?-1796). James Darwen Pitfield came to New Jersey, America around 1830 where he married and settled down. James Darwin Pitfield was also the nephew to Bryan Robinson Pitfield (1776- ) shown below. Because James's origins are in Lancashire I have shown him and his family in Database Three.

Bryan Robinson Pitfield (1776- ). Born in 1776 at Tunstall, Lancashire the son of Charles and Ann Pitfield of Cantsfield. Bryan was living in New York City at the time of the census of 1830 and his descendants can be traced there in the years that follow. He was also the uncle of James Darwin Pitfield (1808-c1860) shown above. As Bryan's origins are in Lancashire I have shown him and his family on Database Three.

George Gale Pitfield (1843-1927). Born Bridport, Dorset. Settled in Ohio, USA and later Toronto, Canada. As his origins were in Dorset he and his family are shown on Database One.

It should be pointed out that if you are looking for a particular member of the Pitfield family they may not appear in the Database that you expect. For instance, there are members of the Pitfield family who appear in Australia, New Zealand and America who I can show are descended from either Robert Pitfold of Allington or have their origins in Lancashire. Therefore they are shown in either the Dorset or Lancashire Databases, rather than the Australian or North American Databases. To find the Pitfield that you are interested in, you may have to visit more than one Database, each of which has its own index.

As with all of the Databases, I am not showing a person sheet for anyone who was born after the year 1911.  This is to protect the privacy of any person who is living. If you are a member of the Pitfield family accessing this site (and therefore almost certainly born after 1911), then your details will not be shown, but it is likely that your ancestors are, and it is possible that I am in possession of information relating to you and your family, that is not shown on this site. If you would like to make contact with me I would be happy to share information with you.

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